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Fish gathering lamp
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Fish gathering lamp
 LED attracting fish lamp

Fish Attraction Lamp/ Attracting Fish Lamp of 300W LED from Chinese Academy of Sciences Doubling Fishing Production and Taking a 70% Reduction in Energy Consumption

Developed by Chinese Academy of Engineering Thermophysics

More than 90 research institutes in the Chinese Academy of Sciences and companies participated in the focus of joint research projects which aims to promote the application of CAS LED lighting technology achievements to make based, forward-looking contributions in the development of strategic emerging industries and semiconductor lighting industry.


In the process of offshore fishing operations, fishermen use fish attraction lamps to attract fish and purse seining. However, power of the single traditional seine fishing halogen lamps in the sea is more than 1000W, and single-fishing vessels need to install hundreds of lamps. Fishing tremendous energy of offshore boats completely relies on diesel power generation, which severely restricts the amount of time at sea and fishing vessels.  Based on "Bright Action" program of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Engineering Thermophysics uses its "micro-groove group composite phase change heat dissipation technology" as the core, cooperated with Chinese Academy of Sciences electrician, semiconductor, and the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology develops a "COB integrated light source 300W LED fishing light "products, the volume of which is much less than traditional halogen lights, and light emission and illumination is improved. The technology and energy saving indicators have reached the international advanced level, so that the light efficiency and fish stocks attraction are greatly increased. The researchers replaced the traditional halogen lamps on sea fishing actual test section with 300W LED fishing lamps and they found that fish production grows exponentially. 


                                                                                                                 CCTV prograw


                                                                                                          Interviewed by CCTV


Interviewed by Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, Guangming Daily, China Daily and other media correspondent of science

Presentation to major media about Fish Attraction Lamp/ Attracting Fish Lamp of 300W LED and “ Bright Action” byChinese Academy of Sciences.


Advantages of 300W LED Fish Attraction Lamp 

1.     Fishing Production Increased Significantly

     On the offshore fishing boat during this sea trials, 200 original metal halide lamp of 1000W were retained and at the same time, more than 28 COB integrated light source 300W LED fishing light were installed on both sides of fishing boats.  Researchers compared the effect of fishing between two kinds of environments in the metal halide lamp and LED lighting came to a conclusion: with 300W LED fishing light, single-net fishing catch increased 2 times, yield turn fold, which indicated that LED light has a stronger attraction for fish LED fishing.

2.     Remarkable Energy-Saving Effect - 70% Reduction

     After the ocean sea trial which using 300W LED fishing light to replace the traditional 1000W metal halide lamps, lighting energy consumption was reduced by 70%. 300W LED fishing light used side-emitting mode which took a special light source and a secondary cooling optical design, to ensure long lighting high lumens and low light decay and make the vast majority of light exposure to the surface. The effective average surface illumination, irradiation distance, the irradiated area, the light sea mist and water penetration of LED lamp was much better than traditional metal halide fishing light. The the actual efficiency into underwater light is up to 30,000 lumens (probably traditional halogen lamp is only 20,000 lumens).

3.     Outstanding Service Life

     The service life of LED fishing light is up to 30000-50000 hours, while traditional halogen lamp life is generally not more than 3000 hours. Apparently the costs of equipment maintenance and updating in a unit cycle is reduced sharply.

4.     Volume and Weight Significantly Decreased

     The whole lamp weight of 300W LED fishing light is less than 2.5kilograms, while the traditional LED fishing light weight is more about 8-10kgs.100-200 lights will be used in a normal boat, even small fishing boats also requires 50-120 lamps therefore, excessive weight will affect the safety of the ship.

5.     Non-Toxic Harmless, Green Environmental Protection

     Reports indicate that long-term use of a halogen lamp will cause harm to human and marine life, especially direct look on halogen lamps will have a huge impact on vision of human. New type of LED fishing light-emitting uniform is non-toxic and green.

1. COB Integrated Light Source

       By this sea trial, the performance of  COB integrated light source 300W LED fishing light was proved exactly. As a solution with integrating a plurality of LED chip packaging technology on board, COB process is simple and with high integration which can use low-power chip to control high-power LED lamps. COB light source with the advantages of high efficiency, high CRI, uniform light emission characteristics represents the future development of LED lighting.

2. Micro-Groove Group Composite Phase Transition Heat Dissipation Technology

       As the characteristics of LED fishing light with integrated chip led that COB light flux density is pretty high and heat radiation is a worldwide problem. Phase change heat dissipation technology with micro grooves raised by Chinese Academy of Engineering Thermophysics can solve this problem.

3. Side-Emitting Mode

     300W LED fishing light uses side-emitting mode with a special light source and a secondary cooling optical design to ensure long lighting high lumens, low light decay and vast majority of light exposure to the surface.

Long-Term Significance

 COB integrated light source 300W LED fishing light which developed by Chinese Academy of Engineering Thermophysics with micro capillary groove composite phase change heat dissipation technology has the characteristics of high efficiency, low energy consumption and high attractiveness for fish, and it will contribute to extent fishing time, increase fishing production with a epoch-making significance.

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